6 Podcasts about Fashion & Sustainability

I thought I would put together a list of podcast recommendations that discuss Fashion, Sustainability, Business and Culture. I tend to use these as learning resources and research to find interesting people, concepts and sustainable models being developed for the future. I will add a link to the podcast website if they have one and list some of my favourite episodes. Most of them are available to listen to on all the normal platforms so if your interested you can also just search for them on your preferred one. 

1. Conscious Chatter


Ep 202 | Shakaila Forbes Bell on the relationship between fashion psychology and black lives matter

Ep 198 | Vin + Omi on resisting the traditional fashion system + doing your own thing to build a sustainable business

Ep 197 | Dr. Hakan Karaosman and Professor Donna Marshall on Building resilient, efficient + sustainable supply chains amidst & beyond Covid-19

Ep 187 | Dana Thomas + Fashionopolis: The price of fast fashion and the future of clothes (also really want to read this book) 


2. Wardrobe Crisis


Ep 73 | Claire Bergkamp - Stella McCartneys secret sustainability weapon

Ep 89 | Kate Fletcher - Post growth plan

Ep 115 | How Covid-19 is impacting garment workers

Ep 119  | Ganni & responsible fashion, "we are not a sustainable brand"


3. OMONDI presents; The Cutting Room Floor 


S1 Ep 005  | Diet Prada: Fashion's Vigilantes 

S1 Ep 010  | Rag & Bones Senior designer: Maureen Saturne 

S1 Ep 015  | Alexander Wang's chief strategist feat Stephanie Horton

S2 Ep 009  | The after life of clothing feat Liz Ricketts 


4. Green Dreamer


EP 248 -  Maxine Bédat: Setting new standards for 'sustainability' in the fashion industry

EP 253 - Aditi Mayer: Decolonizing fashion and going beyond the tokenism of diversity 

EP 258 - Judith D. Schwartz: Healing the water cycle to restore climate and ecological balance


5. Business of Hype 


Stay @ Home with Jessica Washick and Melody Ehsani 

Stay @ Home with Jerry Lorenzo & Nicole McLaughlin

Salehe Bembury - Sneaker culture's renaissance man 

Kerby Jean-Raymon of Pyer Moss is not a gatekeeper, he breaks them open

Edson Sobajo and Guillame Schmidt built Patta on teamwork and quirkiness


6. Make It British


Bonus Episode: How do we future-proof the UK textile industry

Ep 125: Calling out Boohoo for using unethical garment factories, Dominique Muller, Labour Behind the Label

Ep 119: Are you seeking more UK-made products

Hope you find some of these interesting!

Allana x 

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