A Recycling Guide For Our Packagaing

Do you feel like what you can and cannot recycle has gotten very confusing these days? Having to google and check things on a daily basis (particularly household packaging) inspired me to put together a little recycling guide for any packaging you'll receive from us so you can refer back to it at anytime.

Tissue Paper - All our items come wrapped in 100% Compostable & 100% Recyclable tissue paper which means it can go in your home recycling bin, removing any stickers beforehand or you can put both in a home composting bin.

Branded Stickers - These are 100% Compostable and you'll find them stickers on different elements of our packaging. These can go in a home composting bin but if you don't have one they should then be put in your normal waste bin.

Mailer Bags - Our mailer bags are often used for our fashion items as well as some of our larger cushions & bag orders and are 100% recyclable. Any size mailer bag you recieve from us can go in your home recycling bin, removing any of our branded stickers beforehand.

Postable Boxes - Our postable boxes are often used for accessories & cushion covers and are 100% Recyclable. Any size box you should receive from us can go in your home recycling bin, removing any stickers beforehand.

Note Cards - All our orders comes with a personalised note card, either as a gift message or a special note from us. Our note cards are made from 100% recycled card and are 100% recyclable so can be popped in your home recycling bin or kept as a lovley memory to go with your item.

I hope this is useful for when you recieve your next order and as a thank you for helping us with our sustainable initiatives you can use code RECYCLING10 at checkout for 10% off your next order. **
Happy Recycling ♻️
** This discount code is currently valid until 31st January 2022.
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