Our Take on 3 Trends From Pinterest Predicts 2022

At the start of the year I always take some time to checkout trend predictions and themes for the year and when I came across Pinterest Predicts for 2022 it was very exciting to see some themes we worked on in 2021 really come into fruition this year and I think we were ahead of the curve on quite a few! 

Pinterest Predicts 2022 Graphic

Although our products aren't made to fit into a "trend" and intended to become fun and playful parts or your life that will last and grow in memories with you, we are still very influenced by the world around us and with the continued exposure to imagery, video content and information and of course all the chats and feedback from our amazing customers means all of this filters through to what we design and make in a conscious and sub-conscious way. 


So as Pinterest says, this is what you're planning for your future wardrobes and living spaces and we're here to help you master it in a sustainable and fully customisable way. 


1. All Chequered Everything

Cheque, please. This trend ranges from small to large scale checked patterns and complements the "tile" trend that we've seen in home decor and lots of DIY videos. Our checkerboard designs fit into this so well, they not only allow us to use the off cuts from our other designs but can be made in custom colour ways to suit your home colour scheme, adding the right amount of impact to your home. 

We opted for a 40x40cm cushion as standard, ideal for central positioning on a sofa or The Mini (30x30cm), perfect for chairs or a matching set for each side of the sofa and the larger rectangle for those bigger sofas.  

Find our ready made Chequered options here;




A gorgeous example of a customised checkerboard cushion. 




2. Curve Appeal

Curve’s the word, and perfect for all round the home. Think curves, arcs, squiggles and rounded shapes, this trend is the easiest way to add fun and colour to your home. Our squiggle front and mini round cushion fit into this trend so well, go as subtle or as full on as you like. We love to work with interesting and unusual colour combinations but these designs can be made in custom colour ways to compliment your home and we are more than happy to give some help and direction on this if needed. 

Our squiggle front cushion is a truly special piece, I'm yet to see anything quite like this unique design and makes the perfect central piece. We also updated the round cushion with the above checkered design, the perfect piece if you want to bring two trends into one and a perfect way to repurpose small off cuts of fabric. 

Find our ready made Curve appeal options here;




A customisation of the squiggle front cushion, the perfect example of how you can pair back this design with subtle colour pairings.  






3. Dopamine Dressing 

Dressing loud is the new dressing down and when it comes to loungewear there's no exception. This is one of my favourites and I truly believe adding a bright colour like this to your outfit even if that's working from home, alone will instantly boost your mood. This is truly simple, its vibrant, colourful and feel good. 

Our Bright Pink jersey bottoms with a wide leg cut for comfort as well as feel good vibes are the perfect piece. I also think these are the perfect colour for wearing all year round, in the colder months throw on a light coloured knit or go full colour block and throw on a red chunky knit and when the temperature rises and the light lasts longer pair with white and neutral vests and tees for a truly fresh look. And we're keeping our eye out for more brighter check vintage shirts to upcycle as you'll not be surprised the one in the photo got snapped up pretty quickly. 

Find our Bright Pink bottoms here; 


Based on the above 3 themes, we're really hoping that 2022 is going to be a fun and colourful year with more optimism and sustainable solutions. 

We're really excited for what's to come!

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