International Women's Day 2021

Celebrating & Support All This Week

International Women's Day 2021 theme is ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.’
During the ongoing Covid-19 crisis women have been twice as likely than men to lose their jobs, when I read this unfortunately it didn't come as a surprise as  personal experience meant I lost my full time design job back in August 2020 along with 4 other female and 1 male colleague.  
So here at LannyxStudio I've decided to focus on celebrating Women-Led businesses for International Women's Day and first up is well LannyxStudio with a giveaway I hope you'll love. Followed by showcasing 5 Women Owned Businesses that I’ve had the pleasure of working with or become part of their community during my business journey. I'll also be sharing campaigns that I'm loving throughout the week over on socials. 

LannyxStudio Giveaway

To kickstart the week and as a thank you to everyone who has supported this female owned business, of which 90% happen to be women. I want to pay it forward and would love for you to nominate an amazing women in your life over on the LannyxStudio Instagram page for the chance to win a voucher worth £50. All the details can be found under the Instagram post. You can find it here;
Nominations are open until Friday 12th March at 9pm. 

All the T&C's are given in the post details over on Instagram. I decided to opt for a voucher to make this as inclusive as possible and gives the winner the chance to choose something they will love in their own time. The winner will be announced on Saturday 12th March and following receipt of their email address can have their voucher instantly.  

Here's the 5 Women Owned Businesses who have or are still helping me on my business journey and I'd love for you to check them out. 



A digital magazine that celebrates, showcases and inspires North East Women.

They also have have a great article about Women in advertising through the decades for IWD– Check it out here;


Run by Catherine Erdly, she’s a Small business retail expert and so supportive of all her members.

I’m part of the resilient retail club where we have weekly ask me anything sessions, monthly workshops, business courses and virtual meet ups, it's something you really need when you become self employed and transition to working alone. 


Kate Hills has been on a one-woman mission to save UK manufacturing for the last 10years and it’s safe to say she’s succeeding as the demand for making in the UK and buying British has never been higher. 

I’ve just become part of Make It British so you'll be able to find LannyxStudio in the directory very soon and I'm really looking forward to having this community help me continue building a Made in UK brand that I can be proud of. 


Founded & Run by Cora Jay, her platform supports, connects and educates all things sustainable fashion.

I’ve been part of an online virtual market & we even managed to squeeze one in-person market last year when covid restrictions were lifted. Checkout the Instagram for their international womens day festival.


Founded & Run by Carrin – Casa Ethica is an online marketplace & community for ethical brands and craftspeople

Casa Ethica is now a partner of LannyxStudio. You can find a curated selection of LannyxStudio products alongside well-crafted pieces from other Sustainable Fashion Brands and Ethical producers.


Here's to International Women's Day!

I hope you'll join me in celebrating all this week.


Allana x 


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