What To Do With Your Unwanted Clothing and Textiles?

We’re all very much aware of the problems surrounding discarded clothing and textiles and how the landfills of the world are bursting at the seams causing problems like toxic chemical leaks and the production of methane—a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon.*

So what options do you have?

1. One of our best and most creative options is using our Custom Design and Making Service to have your clothing and textiles turned into something new and amazing! How about turning your dress into a fab new top or bag, this can also be such a meaningful way to create a gift for someone special that would be totally unique. 
  Find out more about our Custom Design Service here.
2. Resell your items on second hand platforms like Vinted, Depop, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. This is a great option for items that are in great condition but maybe don’t fit anymore or your just not getting the use out of it you would like.
3. Donating to Charity- Choose a local charity shop that are actively looking for new items to ensure they are not overloaded. An important point when donating to a charity shops is that your item/s should still be in a condition that you would still wear or use yourself.
4. For clothing & textiles that are very tired opt for a recycling solution. Due to minimal infrastructure in the UK to deal with recycling at consumer level, you have to research the best options in your area this could be a paid service. I’ve given two websites that can help you begin this research. 

* A quick note: I’ve done some research around UK landfills and how they actually work and it appears in the UK they have systems in place to extract the gas and use it to generate electricity. In regards to the chemicals produced, they refer to this as Leachate and state that it is collected and taken off site to be treated before disposal. Of course one of the problems is that many of our clothing and textiles are sent off-shore to countries who do not have the same infrastructure in place.

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