Why Choose Upcycled and Repurposed Homewares?

So we’re familiar with upcycled and repurposed Fashion but what about homewares? The home textiles industry has many of the same problems as fashion such as labour exploitation and unsustainable production, after all many of our homewares are made in the same way as Fashion: fast and cheap. 

I’d love to know if you’ve considered the sustainability of your homewares before reading this as I definitely feel like it took me a while to think about them in the same way I did Fashion.

Homewares and Interior Design are generally thought of in terms of aesthetics with potentially minimalism being the only approach that appeared to be portraying a  “sustainable” image but I’m here to tell you that minimalism isn’t what sustainable homewares is all about and it’s not the only way forward. This is where our upcycled and repurposed collections come in.

So here’s 4 reasons why opting for upcycled and repurposed homewares, if your looking for a new piece to spruce up your space, redecorating, moving house or even if it’s your first time furnishing a home.
  1. Our Upcycled and Repuporposed homewares are made from off cuts or fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste. 
  2. Our trims, labels and cushion inserts are all sourced in the UK with many options being sourced locally in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  3. Your buying high quality, unique pieces that you’ll not find anywhere else, this is interconnected with longevity.
  4. Our production is done in house, with minimal carbon footprint and completely fair.

Want to browse our full range of upcycled and repurposed homewares? You can find them all here.



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