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Hey Guys! 
I can't believe its nearing the end of September already and the first of my AW designs & makes are well underway and will be launching soon after this blog post.
The first Autumn accessories collection is coming to the website on Sunday 27th September at 6pm 💖💚💜💛💙
I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes of this collection, from the research stage to making some of the final pieces.
First up is collating the research; I love to print out the images I've saved and lay them out to identify themes in colour, shapes, pattern and overall mood and once I've identified them, bringing the images together to create the final board. The reason I don't just have a digital version of this (to save paper) is because I keep this board together for months, sometimes adding to it and I love to see it in 3D every day when I'm working, it really helps to keep the focus and spark bits of inspiration on days were I might really need it!

The Final AW Moodboard

...  It's all about unexpected colours & colour combinations ...

 The next stage is looking through and gathering all the garments and overstock fabric I think could fit well with the theme & mood. From here I design & choose the shapes/styles that I want to go ahead with.  If I'm tweaking a design detail or trying a new shape altogether I'll do some sampling which would be  drafting the pattern or tweaking a current one and toiling to make sure that it works. For the first A/W accessories collection I've focused on updating some of my key items including the Bucket Hat, the Scrunchie Handle Bag & new Mask options.

Then its onto making some of the final pieces, which is the best and sometimes scariest part. Upcycling is still at the forefront of how I'm making my collections with the introduction of some new and exciting sustainable trims. Below is the making of one of the new Corduroy bucket hats. 


The new bucket hat is made of 100% Cotton Corduroy upcycled from an unused and unworn shirt and has a new lace up tie detail. I've spent a lot of time researching more sustainable trim options and really happy to be implementing what I found into this collection, the new hat comes with an eco elastic cord, made of 40% organic cotton & 60% Natural rubber, making it biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free. 

Burgundy Corduroy Hat with Tie Feature

Dropping 27th Sept @6pm


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the process behind how I research, design and make the products. 
Allana x 
If you want to browse the website, click here: www.lannyxstudio.com/collections/all
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