About LannyxStudio

Welcome to LannyxStudio, run by me Allana, Designer & Maker.

At LannyxStudio you’ll find a range of Fashion & Homeware with a focus on fabrication and unique colour combinations, we’re definitely not afraid of some bold choices too. We're based in the glorious city of Newcastle Upon Tyne where each of our pieces are designed & handmade using one or more of our 3 key principles:

Upcycling, Repurposing and UK Sourced Fabrics.



To build a sustainable business model that promotes Less Waste, No Overproduction and Supporting Local. 


How Do We Accomplish This? 
We turn waste into something valuable by upcycling and repurposing unused fabrics and garments that are destined for landfill. We also reuse our own off cuts or if not salvageable send to a UK based recycling company who make sure the scraps get properly recycled, being turned into things like cloth and stuffing and we hope in the near future these scraps will be recycled into new fabrics as recycling innovation continues to develop.
Simultaneously we use a Made to Order model for selected designs & our bespoke design service and focus on utilising local or UK sourced fabrics & trims. We only make what is needed and this means we can work on updates and continuously improving the product as we get customer feedback.  
We also partner with a local embroidery company to offer on demand personalisation.
What is Made To Order? 
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A Little Bit About Me
You'll barely ever see me without my gorgeous Border Collie Rosie, who's a firm favourite here at LannyxStudio. 
I'm originally from a small town just outside of Glasgow, so very much Scottish and Scotland has such a big place in my heart. I moved to Newcastle to study Fashion at Northumbria University and loved the city so much I decided to stay. After graduating I spent 5 years working at a manufacturing company supplying well known high street and value retailers specialising in Mens & Boys Shirts and Mens Loungewear. I learned so much about fabrics and the garment supply chain through these roles often visiting the Far East & Bangladesh and taking research trips around the world. It sounds like the dream job and at times it was, but as well as these amazing experiences I seen for myself the impact of large scale production and it set me on the path to learning about sustainability in the supply chain and circular economy principles and how this could have a positive impact on the future of Textiles and Manufacturing and make it so much better. I'm using the knowledge I've learned and continue to learn to make the most of re-using, upcycling and manufacturing more sustainably for LannyxStudio. 
Fun Facts: Im obsessed with light art and you'll find it popping up in my inspiration all the time, a favourite is definitely Dan Flavin. 
One of my favourite cities has got to be Copenhagen and if you ever visit head to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, it's known as one of the most beautiful in the world!
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