An Insight Into Our Face Coverings

As the high street opens up and we see a lot of brands selling face masks we wanted to share a few points of difference about our Face Coverings. 


  1. Our face coverings are handmade to order in our home studio with minimal waste, 80% of our range is recycled from unused jersey tees and overstock fabric while the other 20% is fabric purchased from UK suppliers. 
  2. We also source our trims from UK suppliers- the cords we use in our adult masks can easily be removed from the mask for easy replacement further extending the products life or in future can be reused by the customer for their own DIY projects. 
  3. We have carefully considered our packaging, we opted for biodegradable grip seal bags to keep your face covering safe in transit and also encourage you to use this if you need to transport your mask around in your bag or pocket. Once the bag is unusable it can be composted in a home or industrial setting. Our envelopes are plastic free and recyclable and can be put in your home recycling bin or better, re-used. 
  4. We are collecting all our fabric scraps for re-use in future projects and for very small scraps they are collected together for future fabric recycling with the aim of them being turned into new fibre. 
  5. Our Face coverings have a free lining to allow for filter pads, Bias cut piece for nose wire and comfortable face shape. Our long cord allows you to tie the mask as tightly or loose as needed.  

Let me know if you'd like to see more insights from behind our brand, products and sustainability efforts.

We're constantly learning and we know we can learn from you too! 

Lanny x



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